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The residents of Two Rock Union School District are represented at the school in many ways. Probably one of the most visible forms of representation is that of the Board Trustee. School Board members are elected by registered voters within the boundaries of Two Rock Union School District. Board Members are charged with the direction of the district, and its solvency. Making personnel, financial, curricular and other major decisions, the meetings they hold are worth attending whether you're a parent or a community member.

Current Board Members:

  • Kathy Wilson - President (2014-2018)
  • Gayleen Maas - Clerk (2016-2020)
  • Julie Jacobsen - Member (2014-2018)
  • Ken Mazzetta - Member (2014-2018)
  • John Silvestrini - Member (2016-2020)

Two Rock Union School District Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

January 11 2018 Board Meeting Agenda
January 11 2018 Board Packet
September 7 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
September 7 2017 Board Packet
May 11 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
May Board Meeting Minutes 
April Board Meeting Agenda
April Board Meeting Additional Document
Febuary 9 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
Febuary 9 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
December 8 Board Meeting Agenda
December 8 Board Meeting Package
October 13 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
October 13 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
August 2016 Board Meeting
Augus 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
June 23 Board Meeting Agenda
June 23 Board Meeting Minutes
June 15 Board Meeting Agenda
Jun 15 Board Meeting Minutes
May 2016 Special Board Meeting Agenda
May Board Special Meeting Agenda May 24th 2016
April 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Minutes
March 2016 Agenda
March 2016 Minutes
February 2016 Agenda
February 2016 Minutes
February 24 2016 Special Board Meeting Agenda
February 24 2016 Special Board Meeting Minutes
January 2016 Agenda
January 2016 Minutes
January 21 2016 Special Board Meeting Minutes
January 29 2016 Special Board Meeting Minutes
December 2015 Agenda
December 2015 Minutes
November 2015 Agenda
November 2015 Minutes
October 2015 Agenda
October 2015 Minutes
September 2015 Agenda
September 2015 Minutes
August 2015 Agenda
August 2015 Minutes

Now accepting registration for next year for all grades including preschool, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten.  Call 707-762-6617 for more information! 

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