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John Silvestrini

President 2020-2024

Gayleen Maas

Trustee 2020-2024

John Martin

Trustee 2021-2025

Ken Mazzetta

Clerk 2020-2024

Kathy Wilson

Trustee 2018-2022

The Board of Trustees

Two Union School District is under the direction of a five member Board of Trustees.  School Board members are elected by registered voters within the boundaries of Two Rock Union School District and serve 4 year terms.  Developing policies that focus on long‐term strategic planning for the district is the school board’s major responsibility. The board reviews, evaluates and adopts policies that define its priorities for the district.  

The Two Rock Union Board of Trustees welcomes your input.  In an effort to involve the school community, the Board has also voted to include non voting members from the Coast Guard Training Center (TRACEN) and from the English Language Learner Community as part of their governance team. 

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