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Privacy Policy

NOTICE: At no time will the website or any software used by Two Rock Union Elementary School District be the only means to convey or register said information to or from the school. There is always an in-person, phone, or email option to access or impart information necessary to enroll or participate in school activities. Call or visit the office.

5001 Spring Hill Road
Petaluma, CA 94952


This is not an all inclusive list, policies may change without notice

Any information you enter on our website or provide in an attached form to be submitted to Two Rock Union Elementary School District, is used for school use only as explained on the form or page. By using this website - - you agree to the use of yours and your minor student’s personal information, in the form of name, email address, mailing address, phone number, legal names, birth dates, and any other information collected for registration and communication purposes, and to comply with any laws and regulations.

The use of the Remind application is your choice and not required by Two Rock Union for communication. See the Remind privacy policy by clicking on this word - HERE

By using this website you are willingly and knowingly accepting the risks inherent by the use of the internet for and to yourself, yours or other’s equipment, devices, and connections, wired, WiFi, or cellular. Any questions or concerns should be relayed to the school authority.


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