Every student's education should include healthy eating and here at Two Rock School we offer a healthy, tasty and affordable Lunch and Milk Program.  Our lunches are made bye the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District's Food Service Department and delivered every morning.  All lunches come with 1% Low-fat White Milk or Non-Fat Chocolate Milk.  Milk is also sold separately.

You may order as many lunches you want (a day or two, a week or a full month) but please note that all lunches need to be pre-paid.  Lunch money is due before you want your lunches.

What if my child is absent and I paid for a lunch?

You must call the school before 8:30 am and notify us that you want a lunch credit.  We phone our lunch count in at 8:30 am and we will need to cancel your child's lunch order for the day.  If you don't call then you will be charged.  If you do call then you will receive a lunch credit on your next order.

What if my child goes on a field trip?

A special field trip lunch will be prepared and delivered in paper bags to school the day before the trip. The lunch usually consists of a sandwich, fruit or veggies and chips.  If you would rather bring a bag lunch from home then the school lunch must be canceled 2 school days before the field trip.

How do I order and pay for a lunch or order milk for my child?

Please turn in one lunch menu per student!

To Order: circle each date you would like to order school lunch or for your child(ren). If you would like to order milk only for your child(ren), please do so buy writing "Milk Only" on the days that you would like to order milk. Keep one copy at home for your information. 

Payment: One check per family, made payable to Two Rock School.  Cash is also accepted (we cannot make change, so please pay the exact amount). Thank you!

  • The menu is subject to change without notice.

  • Please call the office at (707) 762-6617 for any questions or concerns.

Pizza Days:

Every Friday, starting on the first Friday in September, there will be pizza. One slice of pizza is $3.75 (including fruit, veggies and milk).  An extra slice of pizza can be ordered for $1.00.​